About United Kingdom

United Kingdom has a long-standing history of academic excellence and is home to some of the finest educational institutions across the globe. UK degrees are highly regarded by employers worldwide, thus giving students an extra edge when applying for jobs. One of the many reasons for employers preferring UK qualifications is the focus on honing skills suited for the workplace. Many courses in the UK are designed in collaboration with some of the best names in business and industry and are delivered by industry experts, thereby giving students valuable insights into their chosen career paths. UK educational system is based solely on a student’s needs and aptitudes. No matter which academic level a student is on, there is the flexibility to shape the programs according to one’s requirements. This freedom of choice coupled with UK’s centuries-old tradition of educational superiority and innovative teaching methodologies makes this country one of the most sought after and prestigious study abroad destinations.

Apart from quality education, UK also offers international students an invigorating mix of its rich culture, welcoming people, places to visit and much more. Moreover, the cosmopolitan society here makes foreign students settle down faster, with the familiarity of being a home away from home. There are over 4,50,000 international students from all corners of the world studying in the UK which makes it an ideal choice for international students. The UK is an ideal base from which students can explore the rest of Europe. The excellent road, rail and air links allow inexpensive and hassle-free travel. The International Student Identity Card allows students to benefit from special discounted rates while sightseeing. Travel to Europe will also give them the opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.